Nov. 2, 2011

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Bob Sauvé led such a compelling ‘tour’ of a painting during my recent visit to the National Gallery in Ottawa — he knew everything about St Jerome in Penitence — that I had to ask about his story. A school principal, educator and faculty member at U of Ottawa, Sauvé always loved galleries and art. When retirement approached he eagerly dove into his demonstrated interest and became a volunteer docent. Dial us in to find out how to nurture your interests so you stay engaged throughout your life.

Doris Smith, 86, has been an active volunteer for over 40 years, in parallel with her career in fundraising. From the Volunteers’ Circle of the National Gallery to the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums, and from Friends of English Theatre to First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Doris has been a board member, editor, organizer and fundraiser extraordinaire. What can you learn about keeping your story strong well into your ninth decade? Join us for stories and wisdom from the front lines of aging gracefully.

CareerCycles tip from Oct. 26 interview with Gregg Brown:
Gregg Brown urged listeners to tune into their own clues. “What revs you up? What gets you excited? When you’re going about your day-to-day work and you read an article in a newspaper [about a career area], does it make you feel excited? Or not? Where’s that drive for you?” And then, when you notice those positive clues, Brown advised, “Know when to say ‘yes.'”

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