March 26th

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Why did Craig Baxter join the family business after university? It just happened, “as the day follows the night,” he said. Craig acknowledged, “I didn’t manage what I do,” but that has opened him up to happenstance: “My career has been serendipitous.” That’s how, after leaving the family biz, and with a lifelong love of music, he became road manager for rock band Max Webster after befriending lead singer, Kim Mitchell. Then over twenty years later, while commenting Mitchell’s site, or as he was called, “the mayor of,” he reconnected with the man himself, which led to his role as the lyricist for Mitchell’s 2007 album, Ain’t Life Amazing.

“The better you know yourself, the better choices you can make,” said style coach, Safina Khimani. She’d always been in love with fashion since the age of five but when she went to work in the fashion industry after college, she found it different than she’d expected. So she took her love of style and started her own company, Be Faithful Be Fabulous, so she can work with integrity. Now she works with “honesty and authenticity” as she builds her business, while supporting herself with a day job in marketing at Airmiles.

CareerCycles asks: What are you doing in your career and life, that just happened by default, like Craig Baxter joining the family business? How do you feel about that unchosen choice? What inspiration can you draw Craig and Safina, both of whom took risks to move their careers away from the expected, and eventually welcomed opportunities in more satisfying directions?

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