June 27, 2012

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Actor and playwright, Dawna J. Wightman‘s current production is called Life as a Pomegranate: messy. juicy. seedy. bitter. sweet, “About Career, Children and S.O.B.s* (sticky outy bits).” Dawna worked in film and television in Canada and L.A. before leaving show business to enjoy a family. Returning to live theatre, Dawna acted with theatre companies and first produced in 2010 at The Second City, with A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking. Tune in for tips on careers in performing, and fun stories with Dawna, a 2011 nominee for Best Female Performer ACTRA Award.

Christine Fader is a writer, presenter and career counsellor. Among her specialties, Christine supports applicants wanting to get into medicine. For eight years she held the role of community member of the Queen’s University Medical School application process, and has created and implemented programs for Applying to Meds. Christine is author of Career Cupid: Your Guide to Landing and Loving Your Dream Job.
Join us on air for tips on getting into med school, and on living “happily ever after” in your career and life.

Louisa Jewell is the president and founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association launching in July 2012. Louisa is a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania and was also co-host CareerBuzz! Louisa joins us to talk about the new association she’s leading and its first annual conference this July 20-21.

Sparks from Career Buzz on June 13: Danielle Restivo of LinkedIn advised: Nurture your network because it is your career safety net. JT O’Donnell of CareerHMO suggested: Build a career practice with “pre-coaching tools” to be more efficient and offer higher quality.

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