Welcome to the Thoughtful Technosapien, balancing the technology tensions of our time.

In this episode we look at tensions around our energy systems and the future of energy: What role does oil & gas play? What about renewables like, solar, geothermal, wind? How to we balance the environment with the economy?  Alison Cretney is Managing Director of the Energy Futures Lab. It’s an award-winning initiative to accelerate the transition to a ‘fit for the future’ energy system. Alison manages the strategic direction and operations of the Energy Futures Lab, including supporting dozens of entrepreneurs, energy companies and stakeholders in generating opportunities to identify, test and scale new initiatives and collaborations. She’s worked at the intersection of energy, environment and collaboration for over 15 years.


The podcast is developed in collaboration with Engineering Change Lab, a catalyst for change in the engineering community, and hosted by Mark Franklin of CareerCycles, OneLifeTools, U of Toronto’s ILead & producer of Career Buzz.



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