March 12, 2010

Download episode We talked to Dawna Wightman on the day of her theatrical opening, A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking. She told me afterward the show was sold out, and she and her cast received a standing ovation. Dawna was delighted! On the show, Dawna told us about transforming her beginnings of childhood neglect and abuse into “the phenomenally happy life I live today.”  Just hours before the show she told career Buzz listeners what she’s learned about  making career and life choices: “Be brave. Have faith. Eat chocolate.” Paul Vice is a 28 year old entrepreneur, stock trader, and CEO of start-up Dreamcube Technologies. He shared with listeners how important it’s been for him to “hit the reset button” on his career when he felt out of alignment. Vincent Cheung told listeners about juggling the completion of his PhD in Computer Engineering while running his own company,Shape Collage. He said business advisors are great, but you have to test for yourself the value of the advice. Thanks to U of T Rotman Commerce student, Jacob Lobaszewski, who brought the group together as Project Manager of U of T Students In Free Enterprise. CareerCycles asks: In what part of your career and life is it time for you to “hit the reset button”? A project at work? An unfulfilling habit? What’s the one big thing going on in your career and life that would yield to Dawna Wightman’s advice: “Be brave. Have faith. Eat chocolate.” Starting your book? Finishing your taxes?
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