Colleen Reichrath-Smith HNCP


When a student who I’d helped with his resume came back to me in 1997 ecstatic that he’d landed the job I said, “I want more of that!” in my career. I took the training and have been supporting people to make career changes ever since.

I guide you through a process to create and find your next career opportunity in today’s ever-changing world. I support you to re-member your story, clarify your direction and find your confident, resonant voice. I teach you to navigate your way across occupational boundaries, international borders and economic shifts, creating your unique, personally meaningful path. This wonderful world is changing and work is evolving right alongside it. I will help you create your place in it and make the world a better place at the same time.

Through interactive workshops designed to teach career development skills to people who are moving from school to work, from work to work, from life stage to life stage and from one location to another, I engage the power of the group process in my career development workshops. I coach individuals through the same process in an individual coaching program tailored to their specific goals.

I am a trained international career consultant, certified as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HCNP) and co-author of A Career in Your Suitcase as well as a Syntropic Coach.

Colleen’s Career Statement

Desires iconMy Desires, which are what I’m wanting and what’s important to me include:

  • Supporting people to be all they can be and not get stuck on the way.
  • Helping others to create and find decent sustainable work in support of a world with a future.
  • Collaborating with others to create better results together.
  • New projects and learning so I can keep my skills sharp.
  • Taking time for and with each other; slowing down; listening; relating.
  • Focusing on a healthy holistic well balanced lifestyle for myself and my clients.
  • More belly laughs!

Natural Interests iconI’m Naturally Interested in:

  • Supporting others to grow and learn and develop and connect
  • Facilitating people through the career development process
  • Working with people and serving their needs
  • Making and enjoying music
  • Being recreationally active in nature
  • Playing with friends
  • Reading

Strengths iconThe Strengths I want to use are:

  • Holistic narrative career development expertise, coaching, group facilitation.
  • Capacity building in helping clients learn to tell their story that will support them to find or create work where they can thrive.
  • Oral communications – public speaking, training and coaching clients, motivating others.
  • Grasp complex concepts and create easier language around them or connect them to metaphors.

Assets iconMy credibility and impact come from my Assets of:

  • Book: A Career in Your Suitcase
  • Certificate in Career Development, UofC
  • Holistic Narrative Career Professional
  • Bachler of Arts in Recreation Administration
  • Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Syntropic Enterprise Master Class

Personal Qualities iconMy Personal Qualities and how others describe me include:

  • Attentive, contemplative, generous
  • Open to new things
  • Enthusiastic, positive, resourceful
  • Big picture thinker
  • Optimistic
  • Dependable
  • Practical

Other People iconOther People who influence me include:

  • My clients inspire me as we work together.
  • Mother: how to engage in new places.
  • Miriam van B: listening between the lines
  • Christine M: confirmed what I ‘knew’ was true
  • Annemarie O: gave me chances and supported my first efforts in Dutch facilitation

Possibilities iconI’m most curious about exploring the Possibilities of:

  • Staying curious about life and our world.
  • Learning how to apply Syntropic principles to my work and life on more and more levels.
  • Deepening my use of the Narrative method of career development practice and applying it to provide ‘Coaching Hikes’.
  • Having fun and enjoying life. Letting life love me back.
  • Showing up more fully in more places of my life to be all I can be.