The Thoughtful TechnoSapien with Franz Newland

Who controls space? What is rocket science, and is it really leading edge like the cliché suggests? And if more and more industrial players – think SpaceX and others – are going into space, how should their activities be regulated? On today’s episode of The Thoughtful Technospain, we look at technology tensions around – space [...]

Career Buzz with Mark Beckles and Andrew Schrumm

In the near future, when job changes will be even more frequent, and technology will disrupt even more industries, what skills do people need to thrive in the future economy? How can we FUTURE PROOF Canadian youth? Through RBC Future Launch, RBC is investing $500 million over 10 years to help young people prepare for the [...]

Removing Unconscious Bias from Hiring with AI. Plus, Learning from a Whirlwind Career.

How can we reduce bias in recruiting and improve hiring? Knockri is an AI video soft-skill assessment tool, that helps reduce unconscious bias. It shortlists the best fit job candidates to interview. Mark Franklin talks to Rija Choudhry, HR & marketing strategist at Knockri about how her company merges video intelligence, machine learning and science, to quantify [...]

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