“If everything went right, what would your life look like?” That’s what Career Buzz guest Dave Redekopp means by “Future” in his Now/Next/Future framework for career management. “It’s not like the Future becomes your destination, it’s more like your North Star.” Dave says we can “simplify career management without being simplistic” by breaking it down into these three categories: Now is what’s happening presently in your career, maybe a year out; Next is what’s coming; and your dreams are your Future. Listen to this inspiring interview, (Now/Next/Future at minute 19:00) plus hear Tony Botelho’s perspectives on the high value of parallel experiences to one’s academic program, and on career education in the age of engagement.

April 16, 2013

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cinecoupALSO THIS WEDNESDAY: What if you could win $1 million to produce your film project? That’s the idea behind http://cinecoup.com/ and you’re going to meet a contender this week on Career Buzz. Director Maikol Pinto and producers Jamie McMillan and Jeff Royiwsky tell us about their dreams about making their movie: Memoria is focused on an elderly man with alzheimer’s whose daughter is taking care of him. The daughter’s fiancé is a scientist who is trying to develop a technology that would allow his daughter to connect with him one last time, through his dreams.

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