September 25, 2013

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Student of Life. Matthew L. Taylor is author of Student of Life/My Lessons are Yours. As a child growing up in Scarborough, Ontario, Matthew was already writing songs and poems. Known for his gift of gab, friends and family said he’d be a lawyer. But Matthew’s adolescence included bad decisions and being kicked out of high school. The pressures of being a young father forced Matthew to do some soul searching in order to fulfill his potential. He went to college as a mature student and now has a career leading entrepreneurial ventures, writing, and speaking. Join us and learn some lessons!

Career in Arts and Social Service. As Managing Director of West-Side Arts Hub, Andrea Boucaud promotes the arts to community members, local organizations and the broader arts community. She has worked in arts and social service for 15 years in roles including Child and Youth Worker, Community Support Worker, Youth Employment Site Manager, Studio Manager, Business Owner and Creative Director. In 2011 Andrea won the Outreach Worker of the Year Award. Dial in Career Buzz to hear Andrea’s inspiring story.

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