October 9, 2013

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As a broadcast journalist, Cathy Sobocan has worked as a news anchor, reporter, show host, interviewer, and writer. She’s worked for Wall Street Journal Business News Radio, CNN, CBC, Jazz FM, and was a professor at Seneca College where she taught broadcast journalism. Now, Cathy works as a public speaking and presentation skills coach at Raise Your Voice. Tune in to hear Cathy’s voice, which you’ve probably heard many times before in radio commercials.

Growing up, Dian Chaaban wanted to be a doctor, then a lawyer, then she wanted to go into business. Today, in her career as an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, Dian draws on all her interests, to help people, provide advice and run a business. She calls it the best gig in the world. But there was hardship and challenge along the way including a life threatening injury.

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