May 23, 2012

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Anne Lavrih has been working in radio for over 20 years and has done just about everything along the way. She’s been a club and concert reporter, traffic and news reporter, and even a ski and snowboard reporter. More recently Anne has been a writer, news editor and is currently the newsroom co-ordinator at 680News. She teaches Radio News and Career Management at Centennial College. Tune in for Anne’s career story in radio, and tips to break into the exciting world of broadcasting.

After selling her successful internet business in 2006, Cindy Ross Pedersen realigned her focus to supporting nonprofit organizations. She donates 1,000 hours of strategic consulting a year, mentors students and new entrepreneurs, and is developing new models for high impact volunteerism for Boomers. Cindy volunteers as a board member of the University of Toronto Alumni Association, and supports students and graduates through mentorship, hosting for the Dinner with 12 Strangers, and keynoting at events like Backpack to Briefcase. Dial us in to find out about Cindy’s meteoric internet career, her exit, and entrance to a new career and life.

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Sparks from May 9 when Career Buzz explored the value of career conversations.

Professor Frans Meijers is a top researcher in the area of career guidance in the Netherlands. He shared with listeners all that’s wrong about career conversations with youth in school, and how to right it. But why doesn’t the education system work to help youth with this important task? “It doesn’t work because you only can build your [career] identity, you can only develop your heart on the basis of real life experience and schools don’t offer real life experiences.” This episode is really worth a listen.

CareerCycles Tip: Want to help your teenager or young adult develop their career? Professor Frans Meijers says: help them engage in experiences then talk to them about it. Find out how to implement Prof Meijers’ simple formula: Listen to the whole interview Listen to our inspiring past shows

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