How do you connect with prospective employers or clients that you desperately want to speak to? Well, one way not to do it as depicted in the James Franco movie, The Disaster Artist, is to harass the employer. (In the movie, it’s a famous producer in a restaurant). But what about a “side- door strategy”? You know, knock on the side- door and someone other than your target answers the door and then leads you to meet who you want to meet. That’s what unlocked Franz Johansson’s career which focuses on intersections and innovation. He describes that in an insightful piece in the Harvard Business Review called, When Success is Born Out of Serendipity. Johannson is the CEO of The Medici Group and author of The Medici Effect and The Click Moment. Interview begins at 26:23.

But first, how can travel improve your career? Almost 75% of young travellers said they feel more confident, and 60% of them are more likely to be satisfied with their employment after travel. Gabrielle Nydam explored the world by taking a year off before attending University to travel and live abroad. Upon graduating, she worked in the tourism industry. Throughout her career Gabrielle traveled across the globe working with ME to WE and Kensington Tours. Gabrielle says her passion for exploration, sustainability, and immersive cultural experience permeates her leadership style now as President of Contiki in Canada.