In this episode of CareerBuzz Mark Franklin sits down with Cynthia Pandev, successful film editor, entrepreneur and documentary film maker to discuss her newest film Pay Your Interns! – an honest and unapologetic critic of unpaid internships in Canada.

Unpaid internships that are not part of an educational curriculum are illegal in Canada, but this law is often overlooked as new graduates struggling to break into the job market are willing to work for free to gain experience. “The film industry is the worst offender” states Cynthia, as she recalls her own time as an unpaid intern “Interns are doing real work and employers are benefiting monetarily from the work they are doing and the interns really should be paid. Minimum wage is not too much to ask.”

The topic of unpaid internships has received growing attention in the media, with previous CareerBuzz episodes also focused on the topic. For more on the issue of unpaid internships check out CareerBuzz episodes with Karen Wright, president of Career Edge and this group of young expats to Turkey.

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