Passionate about singing since childhood, Cathy Sobocan studied what she loved by pursuing an undergrad in vocal music and communications. “When I graduated I was singing in bands,” she told Career Buzz listeners (Oct.9). “I was singing at a party one night and someone from CKLW was at the party and offered me a job on the radio.”  Before that moment, Cathy had never thought about a career in radio; she has now had a long and prosperous broadcasting career. Dumb luck? NOT!

Here’s how Cathy allowed her career to find her: 1) She noticed her own strengths and desires. 2) She invested in her strengths through her studies. 3) She ignored unhelpful questions about ‘what are you going to do with that degree?’ 4) She enjoyed using her strengths so much that she did things in the real world that allowed unknown allies to help her. 5) When the inevitable opportunity knocked, she said yes.

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