Workplace coaching & trailing spouse programs

Minimize risk of costly termination with workplace coaching

Avoid a costly and risky termination and let us help your employees be their best at work.

CareerCycles workplace coaching programs are effective because they:

  • Include management in planning,
  • Provide expert individual workplace coaching using our distinctive narrative method,
  • Support both the employee and the organization,
  • Result in a written post-coaching implementation plan.

Utilizing the latest in career management and positive psychology research, CareerCycles customized workplace coaching solutions provide a fresh, modern and meaningful way to increase productivity, decrease turnover and maximize ROI. See also our Outplacement / Career Transition programs.

Leverage your recruiting effort, optimize retention with trailing spouse programs

When you recruit global talent, a key part of successful settlement and retention is how your new hire’s spouse is feeling. You want to avoid your new hire departing prematurely because their spouse is unsettled and wishes to return home.

CareerCycles has experience providing expert and effective career counselling and coaching to trailing spouses, and partnering with employers to coordinate programs.


Career programs customized to your needs & budget

  • Tailored programs – We’re expert at adapting programs to your employees or needs
  • Flexibility – from single meetings to 5-, 8- or 12-hour programs
  • Save money compared to traditional career companies

What your participants get

  • One-on-one individual career counselling & coaching with an expert career professional
  • Narrative assessment tools and Online Storyteller access
  • Depending on needs, job search strategy, resume, LinkedIn profile preparation, interview practice and preparation

For information about how we can help your organization, please contact:

Jennifer Mackey, Client Service Manager
Toll free 1-844-465-9222 or 416-465-9222
Email or use our contact page.