Employee engagement & team-building workshops

Bring a fun and social experiential activity to an off-site or staff event

Leaders who plan annual, quarterly or even monthly meetings

Strike the right balance between operational objectives for your meeting, and fun & social activities that support team-building, empathy & communication skills development, professional development, employee development, mutual understanding and trust building.


  1. individual development statement, for self-motivation and to support performance reviews
  2. team statement to provide group alignment
  3. better productivity stemming from increased trust
  4. increased use of empathy, communication and feedback-giving skills at work

HR professionals and managers tasked with onboarding or managing new hires, or interns

Get them together for professional and personal development, team building, and effective peer-to-peer learning.


  1. better individual performance stemming from naming and claiming their strengths, assets and personal qualities
  2. build job-ready communication, empathy and feedback-giving skills immediately applicable to job demands
  3. gain clarity about how to contribute to the organization by integrating strengths and personal interests with organizational career paths

interactive group discovery experience

CareerCycles facilitates team building events using Who You Are Matters! a highly interactive group discovery experience that sparks meaningful conversation and builds skills to support internal career management.

Who You Are Matters! uses a narrative approach to help leaders and employees get greater clarity about their strengths, preferences, assets, goals and internal career paths. Employees, working together as a team, are empowered to think, feel and say who they are and what’s important to them.

The event includes:

  • Facilitation of 2.5- to 3-hour event for intact or mixed teams resulting in each participant’s substantive Career Statement,
  • Post-game experience to synthesize individual learning for organizational benefit including employee alignment and workforce planning.

We’ve facilitated Who You Are Matters! in organizations of all sizes, from small workshops to all staff events of 300+ participants.

Excellent opportunity to explore, consider and reflect. It gave me a greater understanding of my desires, natural interests and qualities, and an appreciation for others playing the game. 5 out of 5 – I consider the game to be a engaging experience.”

– Anthony Hopkins, Director, Careers & Employer Partnerships Centre, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Thank you for facilitating a successful career-focused session for CHS staff.”

– Dale Nicholson, Director, Canadian Hydrographic Service

This was a well organized and fun way to spend time digging deep into and gaining clarity about what makes us happy and fulfilled. It was also neat to do it in a group setting where many bonds were built and many laughs were had!”

– David Toushek, President, JCI Toronto

Events customized to your needs & budget

  • Tailored sessions – We’re expert at adapting content to your audience
  • Flexible duration – from 1-hour lunch & learns to 3-hour off-sites
  • Save money compared to traditional training companies

What your participants get

  • Expertly facilitated, engaging learning sessions
  • Tailored handout takeaways for further learning and implementation
  • Confidence, resilience and optimism to fuel engagement

For information about how we can help your organization, please contact:

Lucy Welsh, Client Service Lead
Toll free 1-844-465-9222 or 416-465-9222
Email service@careercycles.com or use our contact page.