June 13, 2012

Smart moves: Learn to use social media smartly from a LinkedIn staffer. Learn career strategies from CareerHMO founder.

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How can you leverage social media to build a strong and relevant online network, reap the benefits of online communities, engage with employers, collaborators, clients and colleagues and showcase professional expertise? I’m delighted to have Danielle Restivo, Manager of Corporate Communications for Canada and Brazil at LinkedIn as our guest. Danielle will share tips and strategies for making the most of your LinkedIn membership, and we’ll hear her own career story in public relations and social media marketing.

J.T. O’Donnell is a career strategist and workplace consultant who helps American workers of all ages find greater professional satisfaction. J.T. founded the career advice sites CareerHMO and CAREEREALISM and authored a book by the same name, and hosts CAREEREALISM TV, a career advice channel. I’m excited to invite J.T. on Career Buzz to give us insights into best career building strategies, and to share her story of establishing herself in business and as a thought leader who’s been cited in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, CNN.com, BusinessWeek.com, Mashable.com, Monster.com among others.
Tune in, learn, enjoy, and send your questions by email as you listen in on these two career stories. Career Buzz is on Wednesday June 13, 11am-noon Eastern, listen live from your computer at ciut.fm or tune to 89.5 FM in Toronto.

Sparks from May 23 when Career Buzz heard from Anne Lavrih newsroom co-ordinator at 680News.

Anne’s mother influenced her to go to university even though Anne was interested in a more practical radio broadcasting program. What did she gain from her sociology degree that was relevant to her career and life? “Research skills, and how to investigate and to learn and be open minded. I learned focus. And determination.” Listen to the whole interview

CareerCycles Tip: Think about someone in your life who’s unclear about the purpose of university, e.g. your son or daughter, parents you know, even yourself. Engage that person in a conversation about further education. Use Anne Lavrih’s story, and your own story, to highlight valuable transferrable skills and personal qualities gained from postsecondary education. Try asking: What do want to get out of your studies? Then listen and help clarify. Good luck!

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