Unconventional tips, tricks and tactics for landing your dream job.

August 13, 2010

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Most people in career exploration or job search use traditional approaches including sending resumes and applying online through job websites. And most people are frustrated and less effective than they’d like to be using those traditional approaches. Friday on Career Buzz: Guerrilla Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job.

David Perry, labeled the “Rogue Recruiter” by The Wall Street Journal, is Managing Partner of search firm Perry-Martel International, and author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 — 1,001 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job.”

Kevin Donlin, is Co-Director, along with David Perry, of Guerrilla Job Search International. Kevin’s career journey includes stints as dishwasher, singer-songwriter, English teacher, editor, and online marketing specialist, before getting into the career business initially through his company, Guaranteed Resumes.

Perry and Donlin’s paradigm changing tactics have been featured in Wall St Journal, Fortune, Washington Post, New York Times. They also collaborated on the book “Guerrilla Resumes for Job Hunters.” They say that the old rules for job seeking don’t work – not now! What are the new rules? How can you build a compelling new network in days that gets you sit-down meetings with decision makers who can hire you? Tune in on Friday for the secrets, and three DVD giveaways, Guerrilla Job Search System — one goes to first person to email me with a question you want me to ask on air.

Bright SPARKS from July 30 show: Being ready for your mentor. Your after-the-fact career story.

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“In some way or another we all inevitably mentor others… so what do you look for [in a mentor]?” asked Career Buzz guest, Dr. Don Carmont, author of “The Naked Mentor.” Don continued, “One of the things is that sense of connection that you can have with somebody where you can have a relationship of openness and trust…so you can share your innermost dreams, visions, to talk about the challenges and obstacles you’re facing…. When the learner is ready, the lesson is there… It’s the law of readiness.” How can we find mentors? Don said by “Looking around and being sensitive and asking yourself, who is there in my circle, who I might engage, even people you think are unapproachable.”

Professor Sam Culbert shared his inspiring perspectives based on his book whose title says it all: “Get Rid of the Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing – and Focus on What Really Matters.” An interesting sidebar to Sam’s interview was this insightful definition: “a career is an after-the-fact story you tell about what happened.”

CareerCycles asks:
If as Professor Sam Culbert says, our careers are knowable only when we look back and tell our after-the-fact story about what happened, then how do we look forward and make good career and life choices, without the benefit of our future after-the-fact story? Surely part of the answer is looking within for clues and clarity about our desires and strengths. And if another part of the answer is connecting with mentors, then according to Don Carmont, “when the learner is ready, the lesson is there.” Are you ready?
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