Nov. 16, 2011

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John-Paul Hatala,Ph.D. joins Career Buzz to share his own career story, and his academic research on social networking behaviors, social capital, human resource development, career development and the transition to the labour market. Dr. Hatala is currently an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, a Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa and an Adjunct Professor at Louisiana State University. He is founder of the Social Capital Development firm Flowork International. John-Paul is presently a regular blogger on and has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio and Global TV. His latest book is entitled “The Strategic Networker: A Learner’s Guide to Effective Networking.”

Intercultural economist, Linda Manning,Ph.D. experienced being an immigrant herself, coming to Canada from the US. Her work now focuses on the success of immigrants in workplace. Dr. Manning is a Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa and the founder of Leadership Mosaic Inc. Her academic research focuses on inclusive talent management for maximum organizational capacity. Results of recent research revealed recognition and valuing of competencies, and workplace social networks are the two major barriers facing employers trying to capitalize on immigrant talent. Listen in on Wednesday to hear Linda and John-Paul share their passion and insights for career and workplace success. GET INVOLVED IN THE RADIO CONVERSATION… email your questions or by Twitter @careercycles.

CareerCycles tip from Nov. 2 interview with Bob Sauve & Doris Smith:

“Together we could do much more than we could do one on one,” said Doris Smith, 86, who’s been volunteering for over 40 years, and earned her college fundraising diploma at 60. Together with teams of volunteers she’s raised millions of dollars in her volunteer work, including funding for a project in the 1980s to reconstruct the Rideau Chapel inside the National Gallery. “Pay attention to the success stories around you!” said Bob Sauve. A volunteer docent at the National Gallery in Ottawa, Bob moved forward in his career in education administration because of a successful mentor he met earlier on. Listen to the whole interview!

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