Dec. 14, 2011

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When a string of bad things happened in Toronto, people began saying, ‘Toronto’s so dangerous!’ That message compelled Eva Karpati to show the doomsayers her city was still Toronto the Good. But how? With no background in publishing, Eva launched a newspaper, Good News Toronto, featuring stories of Toronto’s everyday heroes and positive events. Tune in to hear Eva’s career and life journey from personal trainer and yoga teacher, to editor and publisher.

Plus, a career conversation with Career Activist Mark Swartz on the topic of career exploration over the holidays. What’s good to do, and not do, over these weeks in December? Tune in, and join the conversation! Call in, or email your questions and comments to or by Twitter @careercycles.

CareerCycles tip from Nov. 30 interview with Andrew Fitzgerald: One “field trip” results in multi-year international career, then Banker turns Gallery Owner!

Always wanting to live and work abroad, Andrew Fitzgerald took himself on a career “field trip” from his native Toronto to Vietnam, to see what was possible. He scheduled meetings with professionals in his field and because he was there and had done his research, he soon found a winning strategy. “They could bring in an ex-pat who would be very expensive, or they could hire me.” So he moved to Hanoi, armed with insights and confidence, but without a job yet. Once there, he soon landed a great job.

CareerCycles Tip: Take yourself on a career field trip to your desired location — or even a local organization — do some research about the local scene and set up meetings beforehand, as part of your intentional exploration.

While in Asia, he fell in love with Asian art, which ultimately led him back to Toronto where he recently changed careers again, and is now happily leading the East Gallery. Hear the whole interview. Inspire your life, empower your career, enrich your week. Join us WEDNESDAYS 11am-noon at 89.5 FM or Listen to our inspiring past shows

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