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This is a working session with a CareerCycles Associate who is a trained career professional. Whether you are looking to clarify your next career step or refine your job finding strategy, this 60 minutes is a substantive, working session that moves you forward.
People’s careers and lives go through cycles of stability and change. This session helps you navigate your career and life with a skilled career counsellor who works with you and your unique questions. You will feel heard, understood and more optimistic.
At the conclusion of the session, action steps are recommended given your unique situation. Depending on what can work for you, we will suggest programs that can support you and your next steps.
Experience the powerful process of this online story-based assessment. This leading-edge tool allows you to clarify what matters to you now, gain insight and build momentum in your career journey.
The dynamic combination of career counselling and utilising the Online Storyteller allows for 1 or more new possibilities to be generated uniquely for you to explore. These possibilities are directly related to the work you have done in this substantive session.
The cost of this session is $120 and when you invest in you, your life and your career, we offer you the opportunity to use your investment towards a recommended CareerCycles program.

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