July 30, 2010

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“Get rid of the performance review,” says Professor Samuel Culbert, “and the end result will be employees who are happier at work, more honest with their bosses and themselves and corporations that get results they need.” Samuel Culbert is an award winning author, researcher and full-time, tenured professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. His laboratory is the world of work where he puts conventional managerial assumptions under a microscope to uncover and replace dysfunctional practices.  His two latest books are: Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight-Talk at Work, and more recently, Get Rid of the Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing – and Focus on What Really Matters. Tune in for the sparks!

Following a Ph.D. in communications, Don Carmont experienced many twists and turns in his career: Trainer in organizations from American Express to Zurich Life; Top producer in a financial services company; Led a multi-million dollar non-profit organization; Hosted daily radio and weekly television programs; Pioneered two churches by age 21. Dr. Don Carmont is a training and development and mentoring specialist, and author of The Naked Mentor.

Julie Brown worked in more than 20 companies gathering business savvy from industries related to Food, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Agriculture, Adventure, Equipment, Energy, Health, Research and Sales before she found her niche in career development.  Now, Julie is the Career and Mentorship Coordinator with the Graduate Students’ Association at the University of Calgary. Dial in Julie and Don who will share what makes, and breaks, mentoring relationships.

Bright Sparks from July 9th

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David Creighton‘s hobby of travel, sailing and exploration ultimately led to his present role as President and CEO of Cordiant Capital, a fund manager specialising in emerging markets, now with $2.4 billion in subscriptions. David encouraged listeners about travel: “If you can, do, absolutely. There’s nothing better to open the mind and provide perspective than getting out of your backyard and seeing what’s going on. With no money at all you can travel  … you come back and people want to talk to you… I went travelling for 18 months and when I came back I had job offers, all over the place. When I left, people were saying how can you possibly leave… what about your career … when I came back people were so intrigued  by the concept of throwing it in and going out and checking out the world, some of them were jealous, who knows, but it is certainly not detrimental to your career.” Michelle James is CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence. She told listeners about a turning point in her career. “The big opening happened…. six of us started a community newspaper and it was my first taste of entreprenueship… we basically had carte blanche… anything we wanted to create we brought to it… the newspaper failed we never made any money… but once I had that taste of entrepreneurial creative freedom I did not go back. I started my own business.”

CareerCycles asks: What risky adventure, like David Creighton’s 18 month travel journey, or Michelle James’s newspaper, have you been contemplating? What are you telling yourself about the likely outcome of taking that risk? Considering Michelle and David’s stories of career success following risk, what better possible outcomes can you imagine might flow from your risk?

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