November 13, 2013

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diamonJonathan Goldberg sat for hours each day cutting diamonds from rough stones into the polished diamonds you see in jewelry. As a trained diamond grader he worked in a diamond-cutting factory, and in the diamond-trading centre of Antwerp. After doing an MBA, Jonathan worked as an investment banker, and friends asked about the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring. Which led him to found Kimberfire, where he’s now CEO of a company offering a new way to buy diamonds.

Ron Gashinski started his mining, geology and gemmology career as a summer student working in the iron ore mines of Northwestern Ontario. After stints as an exploration geologist for Falconbridge Nickel Mines and Esso Minerals, Ron became an accredited gemmologist, eventually getting promoted to Chief Gemmologist of Ontario. He now consults around the world on diamonds and gemstones and is working on projects in Canada, Botswana, and Greenland.

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