leaving2Where is your “exit threshold”? In other words, if you have a sense of misalignment in your career, when do you make a change? Heather Turnbull, partner at Lanaverde and speaker at the recent Your Workplace conference advised Career Buzz listeners (July 24, 2013) to “provoke the conversation [with your manager] much sooner, much more upstream, when you have an inkling that, ‘I could do more but I’m being held back, or no one is listening.’

“Everybody has a threshold of exit,” Heather said.” If you still feel like you can make a difference in that organization; if you’re passionate about the work they do and the community engagement they have, then have that conversation for your own sanity. Then based on the response to that, make your decision. Life is short. Make the most of it. There are lots of careers that can evolve from that conversation.”

How does this apply to you? So many of our individual clients come to CareerCycles to start a career conversation because they’re already very close to their “threshold of exit.” I always ask new clients whether they’re considering any possibilities internal to their organization and I’m amazed how many people say ‘No way!’ If you’re feeling a sense of misalignment between what’s most important to you, and your workplace, consider taking Heather’s advice and provoke a conversation with your manager. Talk about how you could be doing more of what you’re good at, less of what you don’t like, and what internal possibilities you could be exploring. If you’re past your exit threshold, check our programs to help you get a better career, sooner.

Listen to the whole interview featuring speakers from the Your Workplace conference including Heather Turnbull, Chris Lucy of Robert Half International, Karen Duffy of Wellness Direct and others, with colour commentary by Angie Bjornson! My interview with Heather Turnbull begins at minute 48:00, or just tune into the exit threshold conversation for two minutes starting at minute 54:55.

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