You’ve finished film school, now what? Film and TV is a tough business with lots of uncertainty, but those who win, win big. How do you manage your film and TV career for the future? 

Ask Carole Kirschner @CaroleKirsch. She’s entertainment career coach based in Los Angeles. She is also program director for Writers Guild of America showrunner training program, as well as program director for CBS diversity writers program.

Martina Rowley @Martinarowleyco is an online business manager (OBM) and Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant (CCVA). Whichever task you want done and done well, she’s on it! You can benefit from her solid European work experience, university education from the UK and Canada and her bilingualism. 

Despite suffering through her first “boss from hell”, her parents convinced Martina to stick with it. As a result, she adopted some valuable lessons: always to produce error-free work, maintain impeccable telephone manners and client service and have an untouchable work ethic. The latter can also be credited to both her late parents.

Along with her “get it done” attitude, she is well-spoken and very personable with an inquisitive mind, allowing her to easily integrate into any existing team. She is a published writer and blogger, a firm and creative facilitator and is very active in local community and environmental volunteering. 

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