On this episode of CareerBuzz, the hosts get together (virtually of course) for the Love Your Radio Fall Fundraising Campaign broadcasted by CIUT.fm. Hosts Stephen Armstrong, Shellie Deloyer, Mark Franklin and Nicole Hamilton have adjusted to the changes COVID-19 has caused with respect to prerecording. Each host takes some time to bring up powerful moments from past shows.

Hamilton shares a moment she had with Tonya Williams on October 7. Williams is the founder and director of the Reel World Film Festival, a groundbreaking initiative in Canada that focuses on the lack of racially diverse and indigenous talent in mainstream media.

Armstrong is the host of Innovation Nation, which is a radio show about what it takes to create a healthy society, whether from the economic, cultural or social domain. He raises a few moments he recently had about media in the twenty first century.

Deloyer’s shows tend to focus on conscious evolution and growth. This week, she discusses the powerful moment with Sara Bibb from MKS HR Consulting and the importance of Human Resources for small businesses.

Franklin recalls two moments. The first with Ray Robertson where they talk about Robertson’s new book, How to Die, A Book About Being Alive. The second is a discussion with Reinekke Lengelle, where they review her book, Writing the Self in Bereavement / A Story of Love, Spousal Loss and Resilience.

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