What to do if you have a career in airlines hotels conference centres, food service, all of which have been deeply affected by the pandemic?

What’s a flight attendant to do, during a pandemic? What are hotel and food services workers to do? Adam Pisarek works as an in-flight manager for Air Canada Rouge. Or I should say worked as an inflight manager. Due to his strong track record, his employer has kept him employed to wait  it out. What’s the job of an inflight manager? And how are airlines waiting it out? We speak to Adam Pisarek in the second part of today’s show.

But first, the pandemic has affected some sectors harder than others. Hospitality and food service is one of the most affected sectors by the preventive measures to avoid COVID spread. Businesses in Hospitality and food service have closed their doors resulting in massive layoffs. Ruth Rakoff is Director of Programs at Hospitality Workers Training Centre, a non-profit contributing to a strong hospitality industry. Normally, the Centre provided training to hospitality job seekers. During the pandemic, the Centre pivoted to support Toronto hospitality industry workers who are struggling, with practical resources on financial aid, food security, housing, and employment.

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