In a Career Buzz episode from 2012, I interviewed the team of Reinekke Lengelle and Frans Meijers. They shared their model of writing as a transformative tool for career management.  Reinekke and Frans were a professional team, and personally they were married. Sadly in 2018, Frans died. Working through her grief, Reinekke wrote. The result is her forthcoming book, Writing the Self in Bereavement / A Story of Love, Spousal Loss and Resilience. That and more we talk about on today’s Career Buzz episode.

Reinekke Lengelle is assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies at Athabasca University and senior researcher at The Hague University, in The Netherlands. She is a poet, a playwright, and symposium co-editor with the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling.

Reinekke kindly offers our readers 20% off pre-orders for her book, Writing the Self in Bereavement, available December 2020. Go here and use code BSM20.

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