When Naz Orang and Katie Sampson graduated with a PhD, they faced the dilemma of seeking an academic job, or exploring non-academic careers. Likewise when Darius Raisi and Alyssa Hermann graduated with a masters degree they faced a dilemma of entering a tough job market competing with both PhDs, and those with undergraduate degrees.

How did they navigate a job search in uncertain times? How did they resolve their dilemmas? What worked and didn’t work and what’s the story behind their present day success? Gain practical tips and inspiring stories on Career Buzz, from our panel:

  • Alyssa Hermann,MEng, Project Engineer, R.F. Binnie and Associates
  • Darius Raisi,MEng, Consultant, Deloitte
  • Katie Sampson,PhD, Research Associate, National Research Council of Canada
  • Naz Orang,PhD, Manager, Data Analytics, Lumino Health, Sun Life Financial

in partnership with Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering at University of Toronto.

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