On this episode we listen to Hoda’s career info.

Winner of provincial and national awards in career development, Dr Dave Redekopp is the president of Life-Role Development Group Limited. He has devoted over thirty years to the development of better career development and workplace concepts and practices. His work has addressed a wide arrange of issues in both career development and leadership, from helping at-risk teens manage their career paths to developing leaders in the corporate world. Dave has been privileged to be invited to work in almost all Canadian provinces and territories and in a number of countries. His passion for career and leadership development pervades his work, which includes teaching, facilitation, public speaking, product development and research.

Here are the topics we discussed in this episode
1. Clarifying “follow your passion”
2. Dr Dave’s book that he co-authored with Michael Huston – Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development: A Practitioner’s Guide.
3. Value of coping skills in career
4. Career Development Competency Program

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