Dr. Hoda Kilani is raising Career Literacy one interview at a time. On a recent episode of Hoda’s Career Info, she interviewed Daisy Wright, founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at The Wright Career Solution. Executives, managers and professionals hire Daisy to help them stand out from their competitors and attract the right job or career opportunity. Bottomline: Daisy helps clients find satisfying careers and get hired FASTER!

Listen to this episode to hear about:

1. Career Compass
2. Daisy’s story in which she skillfully shared great career tips
3. Career advice to new immigrants
4. Let’s Grow Project and the book, 21 Resilient Women: Stories of courage, growth and transformation, that resulted from this project
5. A new Career Coaching Program for Women

Our interviewer, Hoda Kilani, is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Founder of Right Career Fit. Find Hoda’s career info on Youtube and Soundcloud and Linkedin.

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