What are the benefits of co-working for your professional and personal life?

When Brian Gregoire changed careers to running his own sole proprietorship, he was working from home. “I had too many distractions,” he told Career Buzz listeners. “Then there’s the isolation.” So he moved into a shared office space. “When you’re on your own, you really need to network and find people with other specialties. Co-working is amazing for that. I’ve had tremendous success — meeting other people who have skills that I don’t and we share. It makes things a lot easier.”

Brian is a tenant at Beach Business Hub, owned by Martina Rowley. Hear my interview with both Brian and Martina and find out how co-working might benefit you! (Starts at minute 38:45). Plus, hear Canadian Film Fest director Bern Euler, and members of The Disappeared film production team, Ralph Holt and Bill Flower.

March 27, 2013

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Dave Redekopp, PhD, is president and executive director of Life-Role Development Group, a career development, leadership & productivity consultancy. Tune in this Wednesday to hear Dave’s passion for career development — it’s resulted in models and projects including the ‘NOW, NEXT, FUTURE’ approach to career development, ‘Gumption, Discipline and Withitness,’ ‘Passion-Based Succession Planning,’ and ‘Moving Toward an Anti-Dilbert Workplace.’ Dave won the national Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development.

co-workTony Botelho is manager of Simon Fraser University’s Career Services (watch the inspiring video Tony narrates) and Volunteer Services. Tony will share with Career Buzz listeners his perspectives on “career education in the age of engagement,” a topic he recently presented at the Cannexus career conference. He’ll answer: “What is meant by student engagement and retention and is there a relationship with career development?” Tony recently completed a Masters degree focusing on the role of career education in the contemporary university environment.

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