April 9th 2010

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“We have this hunger or void, and at one point you say enough is enough. And when all the signs are there, you cannot NOT do it. And then once [you take] action, more signs pop up,” said filmmaker, Ian Agard, who shared his story of having faith in the emergence of clues, and following those clues to move from career confusion to vocational clarity. His first big clue? Watching Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon — and he decided he wanted to make movies as a living. Bend and Break is Ian’s first feature length movie.
CareerCycles asks: Think back to your last big career move — and the clues that led to the change. In a few years from now you’ll look back and say, ‘oh ya, back in 2010 there was this big clue.’ Now, look around, because tomorrow’s career happens because of today’s clue. What clues are you seeing? What clues do you intend to see? (Yes, you can set intentions to see clues you want — I saw some in themes from Seth Godin’s keynote last weekend.)
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