Nov. 30, 2011

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After completing a degree in English Literature and an MBA, Andrew Fitzgerald worked in banking in Toronto for five years. Itching to travel, he quit his job and set off for Vietnam to live and work where he found a banking job that led to other ones in Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, and along the way, he and his wife fell in love with Asian art. Ready for change, they returned to Toronto and began researching the idea of an Asian art gallery in Toronto. Tune in to hear how Andrew fulfilled his dream by founding The East Gallery.

Plus, a career conversation with Career Buzz hosts Leigh Anne Saxe and Mark Franklin, discussing a recent talk on the theme of teenagers’ educational and career choices.  “I know my daughter better than she knows herself, so she should listen to me,” said a parent of a teenager in Grade 11. “Parents are always wrong when it comes to advising their teenage kids about educational choices,” said a guidance counsellor.

CareerCycles tip from Nov. 16 interview with JP Hatala and Linda Manning:

“I never lost sight of what I wanted to do,” said John-Paul Hatala. He wanted to become a professor but “that goal was overwhelming.” So how did he get through this 13 year journey? “I made sure each [phase toward the] goal was attainable, and I could experience some success right away. That motivated me to move on to the next phase.”
Listen to the whole interview including insights on using your social capital with Professors JP Hatala, and Linda Manning!

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