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Senior Associate

I am an experienced career counsellor, life coach, teacher, and disability coach/advocate whose life has been devoted to helping people understand their unique strengths, values, and mission. My passion is assisting people to find innovative ways to navigate career and educational transitions in order to reach towards life and career dreams. I draw upon strategies embedded in holistic narrative career counselling, psychotherapy, positive psychology, and coaching. Although I thoroughly enjoy working with university students helping them achieve diverse educational and career goals, I am growing ever more interested in assisting mid-life career changers and people entering what used to be referred to as “retirement” to re-imagine, re-invent, re-create, and re-tire for the next chapter of enriched living. No matter what stage of career development you are in, I look forward to working with you.

Jayne’s Career Statement

Desires iconMy Desires, which are what I’m wanting and what’s important to me include:

  • helping people to understand their unique strengths, values, and mission
  • exploring and implementing innovative ways to help others identify and achieve goals and career dreams, while finding life balance, joy, and fulfillment
  • identifying and implementing ways to harness collaborations and collective wisdom to promote positive change individually and on a larger scale

Natural Interests iconI’m Naturally Interested in:

  •  social justice issues
  • educational success factor
  • employment equity issues

Strengths iconThe Strengths I want to use are:

  • using creativity, innovation, visioning, positive affirmations, and collaborative partnerships to clarify directions and create pathways to make dreams a reality
  • drawing on principles and strategies related to positive psychology, appreciative enquiry, and personal counselling to facilitate change
  • seeing connections between ideas and opportunities
  • big picture thinking and visioning, with eye to details and logistics

Assets iconMy credibility and impact come from my Assets of:

  • over 30 years of career counselling experience in diverse settings
  • knowledge and experience with neurodiversity: e.g. career counselling and teaching people diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers, and mental health disabilities
  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • Masters in Psychology
  • Certified Career Development Practitioner, registered with Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario
  • Advanced Training in Holistic, Narrative, Career Development Practices

Personal Qualities iconMy Personal Qualities and how others describe me include:

  • divergent, creative thinker
  • identifying unique solutions to old problems
  • being practical; developing concrete plans to make goals achievable
  • genuine, authentic, enthusiastic, and caring, while applying gentle confrontation and education in facilitating change

Other People iconOther People who influence me include:

  • Mark Franklin and CareerCycles colleagues: Mark is a visionary who works tirelessly to find innovative ways to help others understand what really matters; develops tools and processes that facilitates engagement and inspired action. He is a big picture thinker with large mission: enriching lives of individuals and humanity. I admire his ability to take systems thinking he learned in Engineering and combine this with creative skills gained through his Masters in Counselling. Working as part of a collaborative, supportive team and learning community of CareerCycles colleagues has allowed us to grow our skills and knowledge.
  • Dr. Harold Minden: Professor and Psychologist who saw a need, wrote grant proposal, and created first of its kind University Learning Disabilities Program. The program grew from serving 40 students per year to over 1000. Admire people with a vision they bring to life.
  • Career Development Mentors: Too many to mention individually. In my role of coordinating career mentorship program, have had privilege and pleasure of working with hundreds of career mentors who have volunteered their time to assist university students with disabilities move forward with their educational and career goals. Inspiring and enlightening; showcasing power of supportive collaborations.
  • University Colleagues: Have interacted with many great people who have taught me so much. Would need to write a book to mention them all individually. In summary, I have learned that diversity in work and educational environments really does foster greater learning and innovative outcomes.
  • Family: I am ever grateful: to my mother who taught me the power to believe in dreams and potential; to my husband who has showcased how hard work, focused attention, determination, and continuous learning can make dreams a reality; to my children who have allowed me the pleasure and challenge of participating in their lives as they navigate their personal, educational, and career journeys (have been so inspired and learned so much); to my grand-daughter who is allowing me to stay grounded in the moment and see life through eyes of first-time viewing.
  • Friends: I have learned and grown greatly through friends. With appreciation…

Possibilities iconI’m most curious about exploring the Possibilities of:

  • finishing my data analysis and writing related to my PhD research on employment for university graduates on the autism spectrum: what works well, what could work better, and what recommendations and wishes do graduates on the spectrum want to share
  • applying principles and strategies from positive psychology, counselling, and coaching to assist people in living enjoyable lives.
  • facilitating retreats where people can take a break from their daily lives to reflect, recharge, and re-enter the world more able to engage in inspired action
  • helping people re-vision “retirement”.  People often have 30 or more years left after they officially “retire” to re-imagine; re-invent,  re-create, and re-tire a new lifestyle – there is great wisdom in the ever growing demographic of people over 55. How can we harness this wisdom for collective as well as individual good

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