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Senior Associate

I love to work with individuals who choose to expand their own reach in today’s modern world, using their talents and actions to create synergy and engagement for more fulfilling lives.

Certifying in and using the holistic and narrative roadmap and WYAM training was a natural way to compliment my 20+ year career as a leader in talent management and performance & learning.

I want to use my strengths of empathy to help individuals, regardless of stage or discipline of career/life. My perspectives and experiences (hiring manager, internal and external recruiter, candidate, coach) help to guide clients in search and interview preparation. Previous directors influenced my approach to collaborating and learning with others.

I am naturally interested in experiential learning, including learning about the world, from my own and other’s travel experiences. I continue to explore and learn about emotional intelligence, mental health first aid and neuro-management to transition and transform our lives.

Angie’s Career Statement

Desires iconMy Desires, which are what I’m wanting and what’s important to me include:

  • opportunity to work anywhere anytime, embracing tools and technologies
  • help people to increase self-awareness and communicate their vision
  • staying connected within the Strategic HR and Business community
  • meeting leaders in emerging sectors, with evolving possibilities
  • continuing to access progressive tools (TEIQue, 360, PPA, Team Culture using Disc)
  • access insights from academia to help clients uncover what’s possible
  • helping clients to make best choices for them
  • work creatively with colleagues, testing new concepts and innovations

Natural Interests iconI’m Naturally Interested in:

  • being the best I can be, personally and professionally
  • expanding my knowledge (emotional and connectivity intelligence)
  • psychology: motivations, mental health first aid and neuro-management to transition and transform our lives

Strengths iconThe Strengths I want to use are:

  • relate from diverse perspectives (Candidate, Business Owner, Internal / External Recruiter, HR, Mentor and Hiring Manager roles)
  • talent management: executive / management / employees
  • networking intelligence especially related to career / life coaching and HR / Organizational Development
  • attentive listening, both verbal and non-verbal types
  • practical approaches in career management and securing of job offers
  • interview training esp. behavioural style
  • experience in sectors, including education, executive search, private sector and public service, nfp, startups

Assets iconMy credibility and impact come from my Assets of:

  • psychology degree, CHRP / CHRL and HNCP (Holistic Narrative Career Professional)
  • 20 years providing talent and organizational management solutions
  • 1000 hours volunteering in event management
  • trained in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)
  • leadership, teambuilding and mentoring (Chair, Co-Chair – HRPA)

Personal Qualities iconMy Personal Qualities and how others describe me include:

  • a natural facilitator
  • believer in bringing the best out in others
  • caring professional
  • use empathy, especially with people navigating through change
  • deep democracy, ensuring all voices / perspectives are considered in decision-making
  • non-judgmental

Other People iconOther People who influence me include:

  • managers: Doug (w/o judgment), MaryAnn (believed in me, compassionate, network)
  • my mother: my first classroom teacher!
  • professors: invited me to be a TA (Organizational Psychology)
  • 1st managers: Ted (trusting), Sima (took a chance on me)

Possibilities iconI’m most curious about exploring the Possibilities of:

  • further studies / certifications (psychology, career coaching, neuro-management)
  • gathering intelligence / feedback / learning from leaders, teams and individuals to increase readiness to navigate in today’s disruptive and changing environment (e.g. WYAM, GIA, PPA, TEIQue)
  • taking a refresher course in course design
  • working with peers, exchanging insights and ideas, so as to advance learning, (clients and my own)
  • becoming more agile with technology tools

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