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Sheila Cassidy leads the Great Canadian Sales Competition, one of Canada's biggest student competitions. Her team, including 150 student Ambassadors coast to coast, promotes sales as a career and a valuable skill-set to students across Canada. A trailblazer and Chief Revenue Officer at Ceridian, Larry Dunivan was instrumental in moving Ceridian to a cloud-based company. [...]

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"LinkedIn is the site where we’re investing time, not wasting time," Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn optimization specialist and owner of PunchMedia, told Career Buzz listeners. "Linkedin is not the sexy social media site, it’s not the one everyone goes to gleefully every morning," said Leslie, but it is the business network, so it pays to make [...]

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With so much interest in positive psychology, how can we use it to enrich our careers and lives? How can it help us to flourish? These are questions that today’s podcast guests help answer. Guests were speakers and exhibitors at the recent Canadian Positive Psychology Association’s national conference held in Niagara on the Lake, June [...]

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On the surface Melissa Hughes had it all. In her words “On the outside, my life at 35 looked great  —  a promising career, a doting partner, an elegant home, things, vacations, a big engagement ring, money in the bank… There was just one problem: I wasn’t happy.” After a series of career error corrections [...]

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Guest host Nicole Hamilton interviews Electronic Pop Artist Clara Venice, who is a classically trained violinist, a songwriter with pop sensibility, and one of the only people in the world who can play the theremin -  which is the world’s first electronic instrument. Clara tells us about her positive career choices and love for music [...]

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Nicole Hamilton interviews Nicholas Goheen, Manager of renowned Toronto venue "The One Eighty". Nicolas manages 20+ individuals at any given time at the work place. He discusses the strengths and skills needed to manage a successful and busy venue, including: patience, communication and individual consideration. As well at 30:09, Supermodel, Inspirational Speaker, and TV Personality [...]

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  In this episode of Career Buzz, Nicole Hamilton talks to Debbie Cornwall, who is the manager of information and student services management at George Brown College. She discusses how her career commenced, and her current role as a Manager at GBC. As well at 32:29, Rebecca Brettingham-Filice talks to us about her ownership of [...]

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  Join co-host Nicole Hamilton and I as we host the NEW SOUND OF YOUR CITY fall membership show. Please donate to support Career Buzz, and become a member of CIUT. It's a registered charity. Any amount is great -- 25 bucks gets you a tax receipt. Donate Online, or call in during the show, [...]

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  Authentic communication and developing resilience at work Interviews with Gregg Brown and Evan Thompson. Click to Listen or Download

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