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Engage your employees

Maximize alignment between your employees and your organization.
Uncover employees’ strengths and desires using “Who You Are Matters!”
A highly interactive discovery experience that empowers participants to think, feel and say who they are and what’s important to them within your organization.
Great for teambuilding! Learn more

Develop Your Employees

Facilitate positive conversations with staff using the feedforward narrative approach to performance conversations. Unbiased and independent, we can be effective and work individually with your employees to get to the bottom of workplace problems, resulting in a realignment plan. Learn more

Transition through Careers

Fresh thinking for been-there-done-that outplacement programs.
Positively influence transitioning employees’ well-being and your organization’s reputation. Holistic, story-based method goes beyond commoditized job search and resume advice. Learn more

Before they leave, Pass it on

Preserve institutional knowledge as employees transition due to retirements, voluntary departures, transfers, promotions, secondments, or parental leaves.
Using a narrative approach our program activates employees’ accumulated knowledge and shares it in a way that ensures others can apply critical learning. Learn more

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