Strengths and Assets Shopping List Use this list to help you identify strengths and assets as you reflect on your story. This list is referenced in the Your Story CareerCycles Handout. Strengths are skills and knowledge you want to use. As Assets, these may be learned behaviors and additional skills you possess, though you don’t want [...]

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The Beauty of a Career Crisis

our mission is to be at the leading edge of the evolution of “career,” helping people fully express who they are and how they want to be in the world. our vision is enriching the career well-being of humanity. our promise is to help you make career and life choices aligned with what really matters to [...]

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How to Choose a Career Counselor

February 20, 2007 What’s the Best Way to Pick A Career Counselor or Coach? By Perri Capell Question: How should a job hunter find an executive coach or career counselor? Quality people are hard to find, and a career path is too important to be put in the wrong hands. Answer: The process of finding a [...]

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Job Moves; Nov. 2008; Globe and Mail

A whole new me: Career reinvention In a swooning economy, more people may rethink the career path they’ve been on to move in a completely different direction MARJO JOHNE Special to The Globe and Mail November 5, 2008 Four years ago, in the midst of a conversation with the office accountant, Peter Zednik had an epiphany. [...]

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You can be your own best reference

You can be your own best reference Hang on to those words of praise in thank you cards and way-to-go notes: Creating a ‘star file’ off ers proof of just how good you are RANDI CHAPNIK MYERS Special to The Globe and Mail September 3, 2008 Shortly after Pamela Preston was hired as a financial adviser [...]

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What do you want me to be when I grow up?

Published August 2008 Parental and social pressures on adolescent career choices “My son used to have his own hopes and aspirations. Now he has mine. Thanks, Obay!” – From the makers of WhyBecauseISaySo In a two-part series of advertising features contracted by Colleges Ontario, [...] Read more…

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Retreat spins new job paths

Lorena Harito for Metro Toronto WORKOLOGY- Published June 6, 2006 Mark Franklin runs CareerCyles, a career renewal retreat. Wouldn’t it be fun to bike, hike, counsel others, and get paid for it? For Mark Franklin, his work is just that. Franklin leads CareerCycles, a three-day career renewal retreat that gets people away from the regular day-to-day [...]

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Sun Media – CareerCycles

June 16, 2006 By Chad Huculak Feeling burned out at work? Not quite sure where you want to be in your career? You are not alone. Often we get so caught up in our lives that we never take a step back and try to comprehend where we are and where we’re going in our careers. [...]

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Write and cycle in Cuba

Friday, December 24, 2004 Ottawa Citizen Toronto travel leader Mark Franklin has teamed up with travel writer Julia Steinecke to offer a new, two-track way to experience Cuba. A new trip they’re calling “Cuba in Parallel” combines Franklin’s off-the-beaten-path recreational cycling and walking with Steinecke’s “Cuba Creative” writing workshop. Read More…

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The long way ’round to Havana: Cuba by bicycle

Sue Bowness Saturday, January 03, 2004 In a land where the package deal reigns supreme, it is entirely possible to fly in and out of sun-soaked Cuba without learning a word of Spanish or getting any sense of how the average Cuban lives. Yet for myself and six other travellers in pursuit of a more authentic [...]

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