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Join us for ‘Enriching lives & careers trip to Nicaragua’ February 21 – March 1, 2014!

What a great experience we had in 2012, building a transitional house for Loraina, Jonathan and their two children in Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Will you join us in 2014?  We need to hear from you this month, by end of October, 2013. Contact us at 1-844-465-9222 or service [at]

This trip continues with our philosophy of applying a distinctive holistic and narrative approach that makes room for growth and exploration in life, career, business and community.

Enriching Lives & Careers 2014 Itinerary – version 2

Thanks to all past participants, and to our partners at Companeros and Un Techo Para Mi Pais, we were able to make an incredible difference in the lives one family, and in so doing, enrich our own careers and lives. Learn more by exploring what we did in 2012…

We built this house in 2 1/2 days for a family of four in Managua, Nicaragua



Nicaragua 2012 poster

Nicaragua 2012 slideshow of service project

This is a cross-cultural, active experience designed to evoke clarity and energetic purpose about your life and career choices, featuring FIVE linked components:

  1. Volunteer on a community service project (2 days) alongside local skilled trades people employed with your program fees.
  2. Encounters with political, economic, and social agencies and inspiring individuals who influence positive community change.
  3. Excursions: Pacific beach time, volcano hike, coffee farm tour, lagoon cruise, plus cycling, tree-top zip line, Spanish, and dancing options.
  4. People-to-people home stays in the capital city, Managua. Latin American markets, cafés, and new cuisine!
  5. Conversations and reflections about your experiences, and how they matter to your life and career back home.

Led by Mark Franklin, president of CareerCycles, and Companeros staff – leaders of over 600 Canadians on 50+ trips, retreats, and service learning journeys.

Comments from Practice Leader, Mark Franklin, about recent trip

“The overall program and trip was fabulous. The service project gave our volun-tourism group and chance to contribute with our own two hands. We built four gardens and did repairs at a youth community centre in La Chureca (a city dump where 1200 people live – check it out on Youtube). We met inspiring NGO leaders including the folks at Un Techo para mi Pais which creates housing for poor families. Our host families and excursions were inspiring. And, for the ‘enriching lives and careers’ program we told our stories, experienced CareerCycles’ Who You Are MATTERS! self-discovery session (this was a first in another country), learned about positive psychology and strengths through VIA Character Strengths, and the played the Game of Gratitude. We pulled it all together with an inspiring ‘Enrichment Statement’ that each participant drafted then shared aloud, as we sat in a beautiful spot next to Lake Nicaragua.”

FAQ – Enriching Lives & Careers Trip

How can a people-to-people trip to Central America enrich my life and career?

Volunteering on a community service project feels good and provides clues for similar activities back home. Meeting inspiring community leaders generates ideas for inspiration back home. Living and working alongside locals gives you perspective on your life back home. Homestay connections expand your circle of people you know and talk about back home. Having intentional conversations about your experience helps you name what you want in your career and life.

What community service activities will we do?

You have options! For those interested and able, we’ll construct a transitional house for a family in need, in a neighbourhood within Managua, with, alongside local skilled tradespeople employed with your program fees. For those wanting an alternative, we’ll provide community service to families within the same neighbourhood for the house-build, in Managua. See

Where do we sleep?

We stay with friendly host families, eating healthy breakfast and dinners there, in a safe neighbourhood of Managua. First night is at a beach house on Pacific. Last night is at an inn in Granada, a Spanish Colonial city on Lake Nicaragua.

Who will we meet?

Meet inspiring locals who are making a difference in their communities, for example, Yamileth Perez, Director of the Artisan Program of fair trade organization Esperanza en Accion, who speaks poignantly about having lived alongside hundreds of others in the Managua dump, La Chureca, and Emily Hewes, formerly of Maine, now based in Managua who’s passionate about social justice and her work as Executive Director of Esperanza en Accion.

What’ll we do for fun?

Take excursions to two volcanoes, Pacific beach, colonial Granada, boat trip through islands, evenings in local cafes, a vibrant local market, optional cycling and treetop canopy zipline experience.

Who’s leading this trip?

Mark Franklin is practice leader of CareerCycles, and has led 25+ trips in Nicaragua, Cuba and Canada, and has help 2000+ clients become empowered in their career and life choices. We’ll be supported by staff at Companeros, led by Gonzalo Duarte, founder and president. Since 1993 he has organized and facilitated volunteer service and cross-cultural learning experiences for over 500 hundred individual and group participants aged 7 to 77 in 8 countries. Dalena Taylor Pondler is our local Nicaraguan guide.

Mark and Gonzalo published: Goodwill Hunting: Find an ethical volunteer organization that genuinely helps locals–and you! In Verge Magazine, Vol 8, Fall 2009.

How do I register or get more info?

Registration form is here. Questions? Speak to Mark or Jennifer at 1-844-465-9222

Additional enriching travel experiences

CareerCycles has been leading active travel programs to Nicaragua, Cuba, and in Ontario. Our travel experiences contribute to local communities through service projects, local home stays, and employing locals. This kind of people-to-people travel empowers, inspires, and enlightens participants and organizations.

CareerCycles Ontario Getaways

career renewalCareerCycles trips are reasonably priced getaways for small groups of up to 12 people, designed to activate your mind about career renewal while your body gets active outdoors. For some people, career renewal will mean finding ways to adapt and feel better about existing career choices and work/life balance, while for others it will begin the process of change. Stressed? Burnt out? Getting away can help you step back and examine your situation, re-evaluate what’s important to you, assess your options and identify next steps. Combining your exploration with easy biking and hiking can relieve stress, re-energize you, and support moving your renewal process into action. CareerCycles has led 11 of these Getaways in Prince Edward County, Ontario, since 2000. Contact us to arrange a program for your group.
“It gave us a chance to get close to Cuba and Cubans in a way that no resort hotel could. The mixture of cycling, hiking and public transportation offered an excellent variety of experiences. We feel that we got a glimpse of the real Cuba and were able to appreciate the country in a way that most tourists do not.” ~Pat & Norm McLeod, Ottawa

Cuba Unveiled

cuba travel

CareerCycles led these people-to-people week-long trip to see the real Cuba before it all changes. Cuba Unveiled is seven unique days of cycling,

walking, culture & conversation. We cycle quiet back roads, explore authentic towns, visit hilltop Spanish ruins, meet a Cultural Director, ride along the Atlantic, pass a sugar mill and a rum distillery, walk the roads of Old Havana, cycle the famous Malecon, and more. We see how local Cubans live and work, and of course we enjoy the unforgettable beach, music, culture, and friendly people that define this warm yet complex Caribbean island. Contact us for our self-guided program.

“Your program works. I applied for and was offered a full-time position… CareerCycles was what catalyzed the change. It was while lying in the dunes looking up at the sky that I rediscovered I didn’t have to stay in the box I felt trapped in. It was there that I started dreaming of possibilities. I am very excited about the opportunities.” ~Dr. Louise Lefort
Cuba Unveiled


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Judith MacKinnon, Sheridan College

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