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Kerri Brock: Career Statement


I am curious about many things: urban farming, aquaponics, water preservation, food safety, sustainability, social justice, human trauma and addiction, social systems, politics, education, love.

But what I am most curious about is the human condition. I have always been curious about why we behave the way we do. How do some of us thrive in chaos? While others flounder in flourishing environments? Why do some people take up change and others resist?

Specifically, I want to know more about the effects of anxiety and trauma on communities, the workplace and institutions and the potential for post traumatic growth.


Curious – I seek clarity through curiousity by exploring the full spectrum of possibilities. My curiousity gives me the courage to ask questions, step into the unknown and be playful with the range of options that could be possible. Through my curiousity I connect with and learn about people and the world around me! I grow each time I learn.

Resourceful – My resourcefulness is a wonderful by-product of my curiousity. I have become part of an extensive and varied network of people, ideas, physical and financial resources because these are necessary to create movements and change systems.

Group Relations – The 21st century world demands more than ever that we communicate, create and design together to avoid the unintended consequences of working in silos.
These demands come at a time when we are the most educated and wealthiest of nations and yet most fraught with anxiety, stress and fear. All killers of creativity, collectivity and wellbeing.

My Group Relations knowledge is developing so that I can master the fine art of negotiating the outcomes for collective impact, hold the space for social justice and shared global consciousness with groups in community and workplace settings.


I desire a human condition that is based on self-love and flourishing.

I desire to have a work life that is varied and rich in human experience that is raw and sometimes rugged.

It is important to me that I continue to grow and develop each day.


I am the creative disruptor. The ‘bringer together” of people.

If you want to know something new and emerging chances are I am at the fringe of it trying to see how it fits or makes things better. Others say that it’s not what I do but how I do it…I’m never sure what that means but I think it means that it’s not too hard to be around me and work with me.

I have a high energy and often jump from thought to thought but that’s my creative process knitting together patterns to see where the trends may emerge.

I am very open minded and adaptable. I love people so I have to be.


My greatest credential is my desire and passion for learning something new about myself or the world around me.

I have formal learning in the following areas:

  • Group Relations & Psychoanalysis of Groups (in progress)
  • Holistic Narrative Career Professional (CareerCycles)
  • Associate Practicum in World Systems Model (International Futures Forum Education Branch h3 Uni)
  • Social Marketing Certificate University of Toronto
  • Fundamentals of Writing Communications Certificate University of Toronto
  • Data Communications & Networks Certificate Humber College
  • Sales & Marketing Diploma Sheridan College

I Chair the Program Advisory Committee for the International Development Program at Centennial College.

I am the Community Outreach Lead for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association


I bring to Career Cycles: 25 years of business experience across Social Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Technology and Marketing, an extensive and diverse network of healthy relationships within several industry and social innovation sectors, a strong knowledge of emerging organizational trends and how they influence the sourcing, matching, placement and development of talented candidates and a deep understanding and passion for learning about and coaching people through their career and life journey with a strengths based focus.

I also have 20 years of charitable sector leadership on Boards, panel discussions and grass roots efforts to build capacity for the not-for-profit sector.


I am blessed to have a range of go to mentors from a variety of fields and age groups. My youngest mentor in science just turned fourteen and others from various sectors and industries are more seasoned as they approach “retirement years”. Although that’s not what they are doing – “tiring”, I mean.

And then there is a host of women that I respect for the simple and powerful ways in which they give of themselves, doubt themselves, and strive for themselves and others. They are an inspiration each time I am near them. Some have been in my life for 35 years, others 35 days.

All of whom are great banks to my river flow as they guide and often open my thinking.


I’m not sure if it was the dance recitals when I was young but I am REALLY comfortable in a group facilitation setting. I’ve never had to jazz hands or spirit fingers in a workshop –but I could if I had to.

I love bringing networks of diverse groups of people together in play to explore complex and messy topics. I find the most joy in working with groups of teens.

When it comes to a career – I am most interested in how corporate, education and health care systems work and how we can create cultures that empower people in these settings to reduce any stress or trauma. I am also interested in how our seasoned workers move out of cubicles and into communities during their “retirement” years.

When it comes to life – I am a recent empty nester. I can say that with excitement now that I’m over the trauma of letting go of identifying my purpose with the raising of my child. I am looking forward to more time for writing, reading, live music and time for just fun (Note: An orb is in my future as is, trampoline dodge ball).

Evolving identity – Nurture my woman warrior.


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“Fantastic. Very professional and excellent to work with. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It was really a pleasure to work with Jayne. It got me through a tough time and gave me great new skills moving forward.”

Diane Rutherford

“Thank you for facilitating a successful career-focused session for CHS staff."

Dale Nicholson, Director, Canadian Hydrographic Service

“I was drawn to this model when I first saw it presented. It pulls together the best parts of career counselling and career exploration.”

Kathie Lamie, MSW, Personal Development and Career Consultant

“Enjoyed every second! I liked the can-do attitude! If you can dream it, you can do it! Thank you.”

Judith MacKinnon, Sheridan College

“Your methodology provides so much encouragement, as well as clarity of self and circumstances, that it becomes impossible not to take action. I am very grateful for your assistance in my time of need.”

Rui Umezawa