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Specializing in Marketing, and Product Development/ Management

September 9, 2015 Guest host Nicole Hamilton of Inica Dance Industries interviews Jon Dogterom of Cleantech Venture Services at MaRS, and Donna Sobers of Sobers & Associates. Jon Dogterom leads Cleantech Venture Services at MaRS, assisting innovative Ontario -based companies in growing their businesses.  He is also part of the Management Board of the Advanced Energy [...]

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The value and variety of professional development to help you in your career

Sept. 1, 2015 Click to listen or download Who makes the internet work? What careers are there, behind the scenes of the world wide web, and how do you train up for them? Cisco Learning Network is like a university for internet specialists. Want to learn about what it takes to become a Cisco Certified [...]

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Career Buzz Podcast: Communication skills for influence

I love asking Career Buzz guests to name their top few strengths that help them be successful. Educator Amena Zafar (Aug. 19, 2015) gave a unique twist to a generic response: "Communication skills for influence, which is knowing what the bigger objective of your communication is, and making a plan to achieve that objective through communication." [...]

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Bridging programs for internationally educated professionals

August 19, 2015 Click to listen or Download Amena Zafar is an educator and career coach who has worked extensively with youth and the not so young - from all over the world.  Ten years after finishing an MBA Amena went back to school another graduate degree in adult education, where she focused on youth [...]

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