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Online talent management & reinventing yourself

February 26, 2014 Click to Listen or Download Part 1 Click to Listen or Download Part 2   Online talent management, plus, A Manifesto for Reinventing Yourself Jilaine Parkes, experienced and passionate HR & Organization Development Professional will share her career story including roles at Bombardier, Cineplex and Kraft. She’ll talk about how and why, with [...]

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Clues, Pivoting and Embracing Change

Clues from Career Buzz guest on following the clues, pivoting, and embracing change “It was like the field of personal history was waiting to be developed so I could find it,” said personal historian, Stephen Albert (Career Buzz, Feb. 12, 2014). Stephen collects personal stories from his clients, video records them, and provides clients with edited [...]

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Careers in storytelling

February 12, 2014 Click to listen or download   Eloise Lewis of Lifetales and Stephen Albert of Lifetime Memoirs share their career tales as personal historians. Plus, healthy workplaces consultant Sylvia Plester-Silk of On Purpose Consulting talks about the career implications of her book, “Unleashing Team Potential: Lessons for Managers from My Canine Friends.”

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Clues from Career Buzz guest on the skills you need 10 km up in the sky

February 5, 2013 Click to listen to the whole interview   Irene Veenhuysen thought that being a flight attendant was a “stupid job.” Back in university in her native Holland, she joined KLM “but only one summer,” she told Career Buzz listeners (Feb. 5, 2014). That was more than 20 years ago, and now she’s [...]

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Clues from Career Buzz guest who went from recruiter's nightmare to loving his job

Click to listen to the whole interview “I’m a recruiter’s nightmare,” David Wojcik told Career Buzz listeners (Jan. 29, 2014), referring to his zigzagging career path. “When you look at my resume I’m all over the map: finance, sales, training.” Yet not in spite of, but because of the twists and turns in David’s career story, [...]

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Clues from Career Buzz guests on the gamification of work: Be "T shaped" and talk about your breadth

Phaedra Boinodiris spends her days identifying “what is it about games that makes them compelling, and what game designs and techniques can be used in business to help people solve complex problems and collaborate better.” Using games, she’s a “motivational designer” for IBM’s clients. Both Phaedra and Chuck Hamilton of IBM focus on the gamification of work (Career Buzz, Jan. 8, [...]

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