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Enactus Canada meets Career Buzz in studio

April 24, 2013 Click to Listen or Download Enactus is a community of student leaders, educators and business people enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. Nicole Almond was a participant in Enactus and seven years later, is now president of the organization.  Also hear interviews with other members of the organization Shane Skinner and Ginelle Polini. [...]

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Support Career Buzz by Wed noon for Samsung GS3 draw. Plus, your Now-Next-Future career

"If everything went right, what would your life look like?" That's what Career Buzz guest Dave Redekopp means by "Future" in his Now/Next/Future framework for career management. "It's not like the Future becomes your destination, it's more like your North Star." Dave says we can "simplify career management without being simplistic" by breaking it down into [...]

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