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Banker becomes gallery owner. Teenagers' career choices

Nov. 30, 2011 Click to listen or download After completing a degree in English Literature and an MBA, Andrew Fitzgerald worked in banking in Toronto for five years. Itching to travel, he quit his job and set off for Vietnam to live and work where he found a banking job that led to other ones in [...]

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Importance of workplace social networks, social capital in your career.

Nov. 16, 2011 Click to listen or download John-Paul Hatala,Ph.D. joins Career Buzz to share his own career story, and his academic research on social networking behaviors, social capital, human resource development, career development and the transition to the labour market. Dr. Hatala is currently an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, a Senior [...]

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Strengths and Assets Shopping List Use this list to help you identify strengths and assets as you reflect on your story. This list is referenced in the Your Story CareerCycles Handout. Strengths are skills and knowledge you want to use. As Assets, these may be learned behaviors and additional skills you possess, though you don’t want [...]

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Volunteering keeps you engaged and vibrant. Know when to say yes.

Nov. 2, 2011 Click to listen or download Bob Sauvé led such a compelling ‘tour’ of a painting during my recent visit to the National Gallery in Ottawa -- he knew everything about St Jerome in Penitence -- that I had to ask about his story. A school principal, educator and faculty member at U [...]

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