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Telling our stories shapes our identity

Sept. 2, 2011 Click here to listen or download -- Executive Director of Centre for Narrative Coaching I invite you to tune into a fascinating Career Buzz interview with David Drake, Executive Director of the Center for Narrative Coaching in San Francisco. You’ll hear David talk clearly and passionately about his expertise in narrative approaches [...]

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How is making career and life choices like a parliamentary debate?

Debate is good! Debate airs the many points of view that influence choices -- about national policies, about your own career and life choices. Imagine members of parliament debating your career choices: Government MP says: ‘Stay! Improve things, and do more of what you want and less of what you don't want.’ (This is called 'Job [...]

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Trey Anthony of Da Kink In My Hair. Plus, Iron Age Blacksmith; Pig Farmer to ReCycler Click here to listen or download Art is a business. Award-winning playwright, executive producer, actor, creator, and stand-up comedian trey anthony, is known for the ground-breaking television and theatrical  production ‘da Kink in my Hair. Critics have referred to anthony as 'The Oprah of the Canadian theatre scene.' What's her personal call to action? Check [...]

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Water lilies in paradise! Or, mosquitoes and deer flies. What you focus on creates your reality

Summer is here in Canada and endless biodiversity beautifies our roadsides and wilderness. It's paradise. Then there are the annoying mosquitoes and painful deer flies. Just like your in your career and life: you have meaningful and satisfying experiences, and then there are those boring tasks, annoying people or unsatisfying projects. What do you choose to [...]

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