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Basic training to MBA. Plan C in I.T. Stop figuring out how and starting helping someone else.

May 27, 2011 Click to listen or download Where might a future business leader build leadership skills to be able to confront stress and ambiguity with decisiveness, clarity of purpose, and calm and rational thought? MBA candidate Benjamin Gould did all that, travelled the world, made mission critical decisions, plus received full support for his [...]

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Jazz musician becomes business trainer. MBA connects to electric vehicles.

May 13th, 2011 Click to listen or Download Paul Tobey was having midlife crisis so he undertook a pilgrimmage of 850 km, made a documentary, and changed careers from Juno nominated jazz musician to trainer and internet entrepreneur, leading Training Business Last year he travelled 150,000 km around the world leading business training sessions, [...]

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The Second City interview: “I get to laugh every day” and three more ways to thrive in your career

Klaus Schuller is Executive Director of The Second City Toronto. I interviewed him on Career Buzz on Good Friday. He shared a wealth of career insights, and the 20-minute interview is worth a listen. Here are four of Klaus’s ideas for thriving in your career, accompanied by questions to trigger your own thriving. Leave a comment with your responses! [...]

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