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Get rid of the performance review. Mentors at work.

July 30, 2010 Download episode “Get rid of the performance review,” says Professor Samuel Culbert, “and the end result will be employees who are happier at work, more honest with their bosses and themselves and corporations that get results they need.” Samuel Culbert is an award winning author, researcher and full-time, tenured professor at UCLA’s [...]

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The Strengths Book

Do you want to be confident, happy and successful?  Most people would answer yes, but don't know how to achieve these goals.  CareerBuzz co-host, Louisa Jewell, talks with Robert Biswas-Diener, co-author of The Strengths Book about the 60 strengths that make us who we are and how to use them to our best advantage. Discover how [...]

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Two unconventional stories of career success

He became CEO because of love of travel. She connects creativity to income. July 9, 2010 “Business is an extension of my hobby,” says David Creighton whose hobby of travel, sailing and exploration ultimately led to his present role as President and CEO of Cordiant Capital. David has over 25 years experience in international capital markets [...]

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Bridging Heart and Marketing

July 2, 2010 Download episode Hosted by Leigh-Anne Saxe, we hear the story of Judith and Jim of Bridging Heart and Marketing.

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