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Why do 1200 people live in a city dump? | Cyclist makes career out of hobby

June 25, 2010 Download episode What’s it like to live in garbage dump? That’s exactly where we go on Friday, into a huge garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua, to see how people live -- and work -- in La Chureca dump. This past March I led our ‘enriching lives and careers trip to Nicaragua’ and [...]

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Policy analyst buys lobster pound | Gemologist turns game designer

June 18th 2010 Download episode The thread that holds Howard Esbin's career together is "visual literacy" -- left art school, got into the jewellery business, became a teacher, did a masters and a PhD, researched stone carvers in Africa, led two non-profits, and finally returned to education in the form of a pro-social game called [...]

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Humility – a strength for our times

In my experience working with many career clients, I've notice how good it feels to people when we land on just the right word for a strength of theirs.  And conversely, I've notice how vulnerable and 'naked' people feel when they cannot name and describe their strengths, especially when it comes to communicating to prospective employers, [...]

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