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Harry Potter eyes | music therapist | travel guide

May 28, 2010 How do you change careers without changing careers? What if you’ve developed a career within one area and but you’re bored? When it comes to career choices, how do you avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater?    Friday’s Career Buzz guests build on their initial training and career experience and orchestrate career [...]

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Chiropractor to Lawyer | Theatre to recording artist

May 7, 2010 Download episode At 39, married and with kids aged 9 and 12, Stephen Laufer went to law school eventually becoming a crown attorney, and left behind his first career as a successful chiropractor. How did he manage this significant change? In addition to family support especially from his wife, he decided and [...]

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Cook-a-palooza by Brent Garrell

Brent Garell, owner of Mynosh Creations, started his career working as a Human Resource professional in the corporate world. In his spare time he began writing The Cook-a-Palooza Experience, a cookbook designed to lighten the stress of weeknight cooking by pairing popular music suggestions with low-fat recipes.  He was a guest on Career Buzz. While writing his [...]

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